"Laugh Lines" off of J.Locke's highly anticipated album GOD SENT ME is the story of his own personal battles and short comings. His ability to remain transparent while speaking hope through words of encouragement has remained unique and unlike any that have come before him. This revolution will be televised. #HipGosp  Filmed on location by JHGfilms



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This is a Practice Session with J.Locke and the band Tru Fiyah. Gearing up for a performance.


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J.Locke took time to speak on HipGosp, his up-coming album God Sent Me and the College Tour.


Video Footage by Michael Taylor

Edited by Kimberli Burke


J.Locke Live at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville NC. The First all Urban Gospel Hip Hop Concert ever done in the region was a classic showcase of some of the regions brightest artist. J.Locke, Cappello, Sound The Messenger, Original, and Music & Host Provided by Kindom Flo made the night electric.
With a classic 808 that fills the room mixed with a powerful call to action from featured Bishop-Elect Vanessa Byrd, this song is sure to stand on its own in any music genre. 



Produced by Dru Luv

"Laugh Lines was the first video off of  God Sent Me, We wanted to show what matters to us the most. The People."



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On Dec 12th 2015 HipGosp national recording artist J.Locke and Dj B-Eley put together the first Periscope concert ever.. The goal was to show love to supporters and share the gift he was was giving with the world through his music.. JHG Film/Photography was on location and helped us document the process.

Kanye by J.Locke Akeil Denkins & Alton Sterling Edition

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I have had conversations with people that are the same color as this man, whose kids share the same hair texture, whose cousins sell CDs out in public as i have done,  who will still blame the murdered and say "well he should have not resisted, or he should not have been out that late.."  To you I say, while you sleep in your bed and trust the system in place, there will come a time when you will have to face this.. directly or indirectly.

To Black Leaders, be you Ministers, Pastors, SCLC, NAACP, Nation Of Islam, Masons, Crips, Blood whoever.. if this problem is not in your topic of discussion then we as followers need to seriously evaluate why we follow you in the first place..
To Black Artists, you cats that rap about how you gun popping and how you moving drugs and are disrespectful to black women... those cats that can talk about they guns and shoot videos holding guns.. yall look FOOLISH pointing guns at the camera saying what you would do to another black man.  Meanwhile this is going on.. Save your bullets and love your brothers and respect our sisters.. Matthew 11:12

So Alive Behind the Scenes

Pt. 1 Akiel Denkins edition

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J.Locke sat down with Ms. Rolanda Ann the mother of Akiel Denkins who was shot and killed by a Raleigh Police Officer serving a warrant Feb 29th 2016. Shot at the Pedagogy Art: Authors & Art studios by JHG Films we were able to share her take on J.locke's single So Alive and why she agreed to be apart of his official Video. 

J.Locke Live @ Grace Tabernacle Christian Center (Audio Only)


00.55 Dj B-Eley intro Mix
03:46 Peculiar
06:17: So Alive 2.0
10:18: Crazy World
16:50: Drift Away (Gospel Hym) /Praise
21:28: Incredible
24:58: So Alive